When I was born Jesus planted a seed of passion in my heart and has been tending to its growth ever since; a passion to spread His love through word. It’s not always easy, and more often than not it requires fine tuning so that there is less of me and more of Jesus. But I have faith that so long as He has called me to write, the words will continue to flow. So grab your favorite mug, make a cup of tea, and exhale.


For as long as I can remember, fashion has been an extension of who I am. To me fashion is emotional, it’s part of how I express myself + every piece that I come to obtain has a little bit of me poured into it. I remember being young and shopping with my Mom, she’d go into the dressing room and I’d run out into the store and find her outfit pieces to try on for whatever event she had coming up. Fashion brings me so much joy, and I know personally my taste is always evolving. Being able to take part in that journey of expression for YOU in any way is an honor to me. I am a goofy, gloomy, passionate romantic; a Wes Anderson character in a Tim Burton film. And a bargain shopper to the core, whether I’m at Goodwill or Nordstrom you can always count on me to hit the sales rack first! Here you will find some of my favorite looks, a bunch of how to’s and reviews, links to shop, and maybe even some inspiration. I have so many ideas to bring to life and I am so excited to share them with you!


LIFE. This section is all about fluidity. From food to travel to life hacks (and mistakes!), I’ll be detailing all of it right. here. A food lover to my core, I am constantly on the look out for new places to try and favorite places to return to. I’m the girl that daydreams on the train she commutes on every day about where to travel to next, the girl who is always asking “okay, and what about food?” when making plans, and a girl who is CONSTANTLY planning and figuring out how to make life easier. I’m no expert, and I’’ll be the first to say I make a lot of mistakes, but I am so excited to share all of it with you!


A spot to share blogging tips + social media tricks! I’m no expert by any means but I’m happy to share my own failures and triumphs to hopefully encourage and support you on your journey!