Eila Chérie - Women for Women


Happy Saturday friends!!

Today I am so happy to share with you one of my new favorite brands, Eila Chérie! Eila Chérie is a local brand that is women founded, run, and inspired. Each piece is individually curated to empower the every day woman in her diversity and strength, all while donating 10% of every purchase to Global Fund for Women! This is a brand I am so insanely honored to support and share with you today, not only are their products quality but so is the mission behind the brand. Definitely something I can stand behind!


Okay, now CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS BAG? The Audrey Handbag is basically a dream come true. It’s a soft peachy pink but don’t let that fool you, this bag is as much about the fun as it is about the business. It has two separate compartments for storage inside, so while it may seem dainty it definitely can carry its own weight. I was honestly pretty nervous to even use this bag, it’s just so darn pretty!


What has inspired me the most about this collaboration is discovering just how much this brand (and founder Color Reinholz) is dedicated to not only encouraging and supporting women everywhere, but initiating and continuing the conversation that all women deserve to be free, and that the fight for equality and women’s rights across the globe is something everyone can and should be a part of.

I love the Eila Chérie difference because you not only know where your pieces are coming from, you know that your purchase is going towards so much more than just a handbag, a pair of sunglasses, or an accessory. That beauty is the inspiration behind every piece and the drive behind every donation and contribution to Global Fund for Women. It’s an honor to be able to participate in any capacity within this community!


Okay okay, I’ll stop blabbing now. I know you’re dying to get off this page so you can go check out more from Eila Chérie (it’s okay, I am too)! Be sure to let me know what you pick out 💕

P.S. Just a quick reminder as always, I only ever recommend brands and products that I personally love, use, and support. My initiation with any brand collaboration isn’t to gain incentive so much as it is to encourage and inspire you as I meet brands that do the same for me.

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