Scottsdale: 8 Insta-Worthy Spots You Have to Visit


Since Portland refused to let Winter 2019 go and move on to Spring, I took an impromptu trip to visit my family in Arizona so I could get some much needed sunshine! My fam has only lived here a couple of years, so it’s been a lot of fun exploring nearby neighborhoods piece by piece each time I come to visit. Every time I go there I fall in love even more than the last time, so no doubt there will be more posts in the future detailing even more must-see spots! Until then, here are some super insta-worthy spots I got to visit while I was there this time around.

*most of these spots are in Scottsdale, AZ and if not they’re just a quick drive away

1. Teaspressa - Phoenix, AZ


This place is just the CUTEST. And so incredibly cozy. From the warm welcome first thing when you walk in the door, to the detailed and thorough explanation of how their tea shop is different, by the time you order your drink you’ll never want to leave! Teaspressa will make even the craziest coffee lover question their dedication to coffee. By pulling their shots of tea just like you would espresso, you’re guaranteed maximum caffeine and with the Teaspressa touch it’s sure to be the prettiest thing you’ll drink all day. Ask about their eatable flower petals for an additional dose of love!

2. Ruze Cakehouse - Scottsdale, AZ


Ruze Cakehouse is probably the epitome of sweet. Think of the pinkest, softest, sweetest thing or person you know, and imagine a shop that encompasses everything that makes them pure! You can feel the warmth that lives in Ruze Cakehouse the minute you walk in, from the rose gold decor to the beautiful array of macaroons laid out for your perusing, Ruze Cakehouse is just a dream. With a motto “stop and taste the roses” you can’t help but feel the empowerment and optimism that makes Ruze Cakehouse stand out amongst the rest. Order any drink on the menu (I got their strawberry lemonade, pictured below!) and add cotton candy atop for an extra dollop of goodness.

3. Hotel Valley Ho - Scottsdale, AZ


Hotel Valley Ho has something to offer everyone. Whether you’re looking to kickback by the pool or sip a couple cocktails with the girls, Valley Ho is beautiful and welcoming from the minute you step through the door. The hotel honors the history of Old Scottsdale while incorporating a tasteful modern twist - making this a perfect choice for a girls trip, a couples retreat, or a family vacation. Next time you’re planning your Arizona vacation, check-in at Hotel Valley Ho!


4. Sprinkles Cupcakes - Scottsdale, AZ


Sprinkles Cupcakes is an adorable (and pink!) cupcake shop right in the hustle and bustle of Scottsdale. Minutes from Fashion Square, this is the perfect mid-day snack or after dinner treat spot. Their cupcakes are to pretty much to die for, warm and soft and all kinds of delicious! Of course, what really makes this shop stand out is their cupcake ATM. It works pretty similarly to a normal ATM, but instead of money it actually disperses CUPCAKES. Amazing right?! I’d advise getting there early if you want to use the ATM, when they’re out they’re out!

5. “Arizona” mural - Scottsdale, AZ


This mural is SO beautiful and colorful! I would recommend having a meal at one of the restaurants nearby and then stopping by this mural! Farm & Craft across the street is GORGEOUS inside and delicious, offering healthy and yummy dining options for anyone with a passion for food and community. Various food allergy and preferences are accommodated and the food is just so darn pretty. For an edgier and more electric vibe, directly on the other side of the wall of this mural is Geisha A Go Go, popular for their luxury decor and sushi and cocktail bars! Also if you’re into karaoke, they have private rooms you can book as well (we didn’t have time this trip to try that out, but it looked like a blast!). This mural is located right in the heart of Downtown Scottsdale so it’s very central and easy to get to!

6. Hotel Adeline - Old Town Scottsdale, AZ


Hotel Adeline is SO romantic. And because it’s centrally located right in the middle of Old Town Scottsdale, you’re no more than a ten minute drive from all Scottsdale has to offer. With simple design and warm nostalgia echoing throughout the premises, Hotel Adeline strives to remind every visitor that life is short, and it’s okay to have some fun and enjoy the adventure. Rather than just the place you’ve chosen to rest your head, Hotel Adeline easily becomes a signature event to remember during your Arizona stay.


7. Dripp Ice Cream - Chandler, AZ


Dripps Ice-Cream brings a whole new level of delicious to the ice cream game. You know how with frozen yogurt you pick your added treats self-serve, and mix it together to make your own dessert? Dripps functions kind of similarly in that you pick your “mixing” ingredients and your “topping” ingredients, but instead of frozen yogurt it’s ice cream! They actually infuse flavors into each ice cream individually, making not one cone the same. So say you wanted to mix Oreo cookies with your ice cream, they add the ice cream and the oreos into a huge mixer and stir the two together. That’s just your mixer! Then you can add your toppings (the list is huge) and pick your cone. Pictured here is their cookies & cream menu item which features vanilla ice cream infused with oreos (infused is essentially a fun word for mixed!) and topped with coco puffs, cookie crisps, chocolate drizzle, and even MORE oreo pieces! The photo op of course is their neon sign and beautiful greenery wall (I love me a good neon!). If you’re ever in the Chandler area, make sure you stop by Dripps!

8. Sugar Bowl - Old Town Scottsdale, AZ


Sugar Bowl, aka, THE PINK DINER OF YOUR DREAMS, was one of my favorite stops this trip! The entire diner is pink pink pink and it’s just so dreamy! Family friendly and authentic Old Town Scottsdale, this place is a historical treasure. The minute you walk in you feel like you’ve warped back to the 1950s and in the best possible way. When you go, this is what you wanna order: three scoops of vanilla ice cream and a whole buncha strawberry camelback soda (it’s pink and fizzy and delicious, trust)! ⠀


And there ya have it! There are so many more places on my list that I cannot wait to visit in Arizona, but hopefully in the mean time you were able to check some of these amazing places out yourself!