Twenty Two


Do you ever find yourself shopping and you find a piece of clothing that you just connect with? As if it is literally you in clothing form? I'm talking about those moments where you're out with your friend and she goes "oh my goodness this is SO! YOU!"

That’s what this dress was for me!

My birthday outfit was simple and yet explanatory, bubbly and sweet. It honestly felt like an extension of myself, so easy and yet so perfect! I was at home in this dress.


I found this dress at Crossroads Trading Co. FRIENDS, can we just take a minute to talk about how AMAZING that store is?! If you aren’t familiar, Crossroads Trading Co is a secondhand consignment store where they take in your clothes you no longer wear and pay you for them! They’re pretty picky about what they do and don’t accept, so it’s difficult to NOT find something you love while shopping! Basically, I never leave empty handed :) The only tricky thing about Crossroads Trading is that since it is secondhand shopping it can be difficult to find the same dress twice (although it can happen!). I’ll do my best to share as many details as I can as well as some similar styles for you to shop!

The brand for this dress is Fore, and the color is a gentle nude. The chest area is topped with a soft mesh and the bottom of the dress is also striped with this same mesh material. So sweet and simple!


It took me a second to find the right shoes for this dress, as wedges could dress it up and a cute pair of sandals would have dressed it down for a more casual look. I ended up landing on a perfect pair of wedges from Lulu’s (brand is Chinese Laundry!) and they are SO comfortable y’all! These wedges feature a criss-cross buckle back and comfort soles for activities that require a bit more walking. The nude color matched my dress perfectly, and really brought the whole outfit together for that sweet and simple look I was going for.

My twenty second birthday was one for the books, and I’m so happy I got to share this look with you guys! I’ve never been one that’s huge on resolutions or “new year, new me” because I believe in a Jesus that is always working to better my heart, and I am always striving to worship and spread that love, no matter my age! I will say I am thankful for what He has provided for me, my family and my friends, a place to call home and an adventurous spirit. Here’s to another wonderful year in His name!

P.S. I’ve included some links to similar dresses and similar shoes! Let me know what you think!