Welcome to Fall

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Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, fall has always sort of felt like home to me. Some would even argue that it’s the season this corner of the United States wears best. The skies turn from that sweet baby blue to a dark silver gray and rain becomes a pivotal character in your life, not a “maybe it’ll rain” but a “so, when it rains..” kind of situation.

I’m tellin’ ya, there’s just something about fall around here that brings people together.

Okay! Enough googly eyes for fall (said no one ever), let’s dive into this outfit!

This striped mustard and brown sweater is the coziest thing! I love the texture and the fit, it’s one of my favorites. And it’s BDG from Urban Outfitters, which is one of my favorite brands! The light denim jacket (also BDG) adds another layer of protection but isn’t too heavy or overwhelming.

My jeans are from Forever 21, they’re the “super skinny” fit! I chose a ripped high-waisted pair but I know these come in all varieties and styles. With an hourglass sort of body shape, jeans can kind of be a struggle depending on where you shop. I’m a size six in the waist and an eight in the booty, so I definitely have to be picky! Forever 21 jeans luckily have some stretch and work really well for me.

The jacket comes with an over-sized hood and an adjustable tie in the back, so it has a variety of different lengths and fits! The sleeves can also be rolled like I did, or rolled up even further and buckled to three-quarter length.

Lastly, my boots! I’ve said it before and I will definitely be caught saying it again-I LOVE fall because I get to wear my docs all. the. TIME. They are cozy, cute, and go with basically everything. And they keep my toes warm and protected in the rainy stormy days!

I can’t believe it’s already fall, you guys! I’m so excited to dive into this new season with you. Grab a coffee for me and hug someone a little longer than you normally would (it’s cold!).

Until next time.

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