You'll Float Too

This photoshoot is honestly one of my favorites so far! Honestly I hadn’t worn a pair of overalls since I was probably five or six years old, and I have been on the fence about purchasing a pair as an adult for a couple months now! I’m so glad I took the risk and purchased a pair!

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a pretty curvy shape.  Typically I can expect to be about a 6 in the waist and an 8 in the booty, which makes shopping tricky sometimes! This was my biggest hesitation with buying or trying out overalls. The fit! Turns out I was just being a silly goose, I absolutely love them.

These red overalls are such a fun pop of color. I actually was inspired to do this shoot after I saw the picture of the overalls on 21’s website! It was too cute not to replicate. I paired it with a striped black and white turtleneck, super lightweight and comfy. These overalls could easily be paired with short sleeves, a solid color, or a print.


The material is an almost canvas-y denim, but not too thick or firm that there’s no room for stretch. I was able to zip these up with ease and everything was loose where it needed to be! Ridiculously comfortable, I didn’t feel self-conscious at all when sitting or walking, which can sometimes happen with new pieces.

The tight fit around my waist and flare on the bottoms made these overalls cute and flirty (almost like your favorite fit and flare dress!), perfect for a day at the farmer’s market or shopping with the girls!

Lastly I paired my low top canvas converses in rose gold, I liked how the pink added a soft pop of color without distracting from the overalls.

Unfortunately these overalls are sold out, but fret not! I have linked some similar pieces around the same price mark! I have also linked similar tops and shoes that I think would be jammin’ with this style of overalls!

Hopefully this encouraged you to maybe try out that closet piece you’ve been debating on!