Summer Sweetness


Portland is kind of famous for their food cart culture.

Not even kidding, some of my favorite eats in Portland are really just food carts. The food is so good you guys. I have no idea how so many various and amazing tastes can come from such confined spaces but somehow it works. And it works well.

Thomas and I had just finished dinner at a newer food cart pod in Beaverton, BG Food Cartel, when we stumbled upon this super cute little backway.

Okay! So this romper is from Urban (obviously) and the brand is Kimchi Blue. This is one of my all-time favorite brands they carry! Please never stop carrying KB, Urban.


When I first put it on I wasn’t sure exactly where to tie the bow, but after some trial and error landed on tying it in the back. I ended up finding the original listing on Urban’s website and they tied it off to the side (which is also super cute!).

This romper is super comfortable and flowy, and has the potential to be dressed up or down. Since this was just a casual date night, I went for more of a comfortable look.

It has a criss-cross back and a conveniently hidden zipper closure directly beneath. I would recommend for bustier gals to consider wearing an undershirt or bralette beneath this one. I’m a little on the bustier side and my straps had to be positioned just right to avoid any leakage. Once they were adjusted correctly to my body however, I didn’t have any problems!

For my sandals I wore my Dr. Martens Vegan Blaire Felix Fisherman Sandals. You. Guys. I am absolutely in LOVE with these sandals. They are SO comfortable, even in this 95 degree summer weather I could wear these bad boys all day and my toes would be completely fine. The heel support is excellent and the straps aren’t overly restricting or too loose.

The only thing I would recommend (if considering purchasing) is to either try them on first if you can or go a size down. They run slightly bigger, so depending on your foot shape a size down might be the best option!

Here are some links to similar rompers I found online available now as well as the sandals!


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