Lost in Linen


Has anyone else been on a linen spree lately? I don’t know if it’s due to the start of spring or the longer days, but there’s something about linen (and I mean linen everything; tops, pants, dresses..the whole nine) lately that has me with all the heart eyes ALL THE TIME.

So naturally, when I spotted this dress the other day at Forever 21 I was giddy. I’m talkin’ nothing short of running to the rack and jumping up and down when I found my size was still there kinda giddy. Is she really that extra? You bet.

The dress is light and airy, but still has that firm linen feel to it. I purchased the dress from Forever 21 but the brand itself is actually one of their partner brands “Olia”, who(fun fact) also sells clothes at Zulily and Anthropologie! How fun right? It’s a wrap around dress with two buttons on the left side, giving you extra closure and reassurance that those babies are tucked tight! The look is definitely fit and flare and it’ss so darn cute. One of my new favorites for spring!

These shoes are from Just Fab! online originally however I purchased them from Goodwill! Major steal, they are super comfortable and since they’re black go with everything!

My linen fever is taking over my closet and I am so not complaining (there’s no end in sight). If you have any favorite items/shops for all your linen goods, send them my way!

Until next time!


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