Take Me to the Coast


Since we first started dating, Sundays have sort of been defined as "our day" of the week. Of course, Thomas and I see each other daily but Sunday has always been different. It's our adventuring day., and today we decided to head for the coast!

For this easy breezy day I opted for something comfortable, breathable, and flexible. Flexible in the sense that if it was windy I wouldn't freeze but if it was warmer (a rare occurrence on the Oregon coast) I wouldn't want to strip all my clothes off. 

This jumpsuit is from Urban Outfitters, it features a button down front and a cinched waist that allows the opportunity for more chest and waist definition (super helpful for bustier gals!) instead of that weird shaping that can occur with jumpsuits. It's a bright burnt orange color, which is honestly what drew me to it in the first place! I just love this color!

The bottoms of the legs are cuffed which adds a super cute and simple aspect, while also providing more options for shoes! There are some faint pleats below the buttons that also encourages that definition in the waist I mentioned before.

Lastly, one of my absolute favorite things about this jumpsuit is that it has POCKETS! There are plenty of positives to be said about jumpsuits but too often I feel like they come without pockets. I fell in love with this jumpsuit before I even tried it on, but the pockets really were the icing on the cake. 

For my shoes I wore my Vegan Blair Dr. Martens (I think it's safe to say these are my Summer 2018 Go-To shoes!). They are so comfortable and go with literally everything. I was able to slide them off to splash my toes in the waves at the beach and then slip them right back on when we decided to leave the beach and explore Seaside. 

What is your go to for days strolling the beach? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing new ideas!